JPOP – The Joyful Pursuit of Passion Podcast

Welcome to the Joyful Pursuit of Passion podcast! I’m your host Monique Math and every week I deliver tips to help you live your greatest life, on purpose. 

Some weeks I interview others who are currently living a Life by Design doing more of what they truly love. These interviews are more than purely inspirational, they can help you to develop ideas for creating a side hustle, making your hobby your passion or switching gears all-together. 

Check out the latest episodes below.

JPOP 1 – Intro to the Joyful Pursuit of Passion

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Enjoy the episode below and read the accompanying blog post linked above on designing your greatest life. 

JPOP 2 – How to Find Your Purpose in Life

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JPOP 3 – 6 Signs You Live a Fake Life

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