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At some point in life we all find ourselves asking one question, what purpose do we serve? And how do we find purpose in life?

We generally ask this question when we’re chasing happiness, freedom, a better quality of life. We all want to know why we were put here on this earth. What is our purpose? Is there some great thing that we’re supposed to be doing?

find purpose in life

Especially if you’ve settled into a routine. Life becomes monotonous and you begin to wonder, is this it? Is this all I’m going to be doing with my life? Even if that routine is relatively cushy, lots of us wake up one day wanting more. Wanting to find purpose in life. Wanting true happiness.

How to Find Purpose in Life

We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so it’s really important to be doing the things that bring us pure joy. It’s a good idea to try and figure out your purpose in life to give your existence some fulfilling meaning. If you still haven’t found your purpose, here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down your choices.

1. What do you really want to do?

This is a tricky question so let me ask it this way: What would you be doing everyday if money was no object? If you knew that you would succeed? This is one of the most important questions you need to answer in your entire life. Your answer will dictate the direction your life’s going to follow.

Take some time to truly reflect on this question. Meditate with it on your mind. Think about it as you shower, as you do dishes, as you drink your morning coffee, as you go for your morning or evening walk. Answer this question truthfully as the response is the key to living out the rest of your life happily.

Remember, you’re not revealing any answers to anyone so don’t be afraid of what comes up. It doesn’t matter how silly, how selfish or how farfetched you think the answer is. Just answer it truthfully. This is the first step to finding your purpose in life.

2. Will it help others?

The greatest purpose one can have in this life is to leave as much positive impact as possible. You don’t need to be a saint or have tons of money to give to charity.

The point is you should align your purpose with something that won’t only benefit yourself, but will benefit as many people as possible. This is going to be your legacy, so be as truthful with yourself as possible.

Don’t worry if you think it’s selfish and won’t help a soul. I bet you can find some way that it does. Let’s take for example one of my answers. I want nothing more than to travel this world, experiencing culture, adventure and the wonders our planet has to offer.

Sounds pretty vain, doesn’t it? How does my wanting to travel help you?

Well for one, it will make me a better, more compassionate person. With the state of our world now, I’d say we need a few more of those.

Secondly, I can share my knowledge with others who want to do this too. Because I have this aspiration, I follow many world travelers on Instagram and I am inspired each day by their treks throughout different parts of their world. I save their tips and I add more and more things to see and do thanks to them. I am so grateful for them sharing their experiences so that I may one day follow in their footsteps.

3. Will it help you grow as a person?

Your life’s purpose shouldn’t keep you boxed in one corner. Instead, it should help you see the world in a better light so you can improve yourself and everyone around you.

How will what you want to do help you to grow as a person? This is a good journal prompt. Once you’ve answered question one and you’re sure about what you want to do with your life, write it down. Then answer the question, how will this help you to grow? This will help you to build momentum and excitement to begin crafting a path to follow your life’s purpose.

4. Will it help you find happiness and freedom?

In addition to helping you grow as a person, you should also find joy and happiness while doing your purpose. It’s the only way you’re going to feel free and not boxed in. If your purpose doesn’t make you feel happy in the long run, then you’re probably not working on your real purpose in life.

It’s ok to pivot and change your life’s course whenever you choose. Feeling unhappy? Ready for a change? Go back to question 1 and start there.

5. Will you regret your decision?

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Before you embark on your mission of fulfilling your life’s purpose, ask yourself if you’re going to be regretting it.

If you say “yes,” then you better look for something else to do then. If you’re not going to enjoy the process, then you’re basically wasting your time.

Now, this may sound silly or like a “duh” moment. Well, Monique, if I thought I was going to regret this decision why on earth would I embark upon it?

To this, I ask how many college students you know who are pursuing the ambitions of their parents or what they think society favors instead of answering their own true call.

Lots of us embark on projects knowing fully well this will not bring us joy. We do this for multiple reasons. Maybe it’s what our parents or spouse wants. Maybe it’s something we feel we must do to pay our bills or achieve some other goal.

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To this I say, this is not your purpose in life. It’s what my favorite teacher Abraham Hicks likes to call paddling upstream. Life is much easier, and happier, if we turn the boat around and paddle downstream. Choose the path of least resistance. Follow your heart, answer the call of your desires and you’ll realize just how much more enjoyable this life can be.

The better life gets, the better life gets.

If you enjoyed these questions I have a few more you can answer below. These questions will help you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. They make excellent journal prompts and meditation centers.