About Monique

Blog Coach & Lifestyle Designer

I help aspiring bloggers to design a life of their dreams. Whether you want to blog so you can stay home with your kids or travel the world, it’s all possible, just ask me how.

Who is Monique Math

I’ve been a blogger for over a decade. That seems like an awfully long time but it’s true. I’ve only been a successful blogger for a year now but my experience from the start makes me know exactly what you’re going through right now.

I began as a hobby blogger, wanting to document my everyday stories, my beautiful outfits, my lovely Jamaican paradise home, my journey as a mom. I quickly realized just how fun it was to be gifted free products as a blogger, be invited to fun events and even make a few bucks here and there with advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

I also realized just how time-consuming blogging was and as a new mom with a 9-5, I decided to give it up since while it was fun, it didn’t seem like a viable business option for me.

I couldn’t give it up however. I always went back. I finally decided that I was gonna jump head on in when others around me started making full-time incomes doing what I loved. I decided to take the leap of faith, kick fear in the ass and invest in myself. I hired a coach and some blogging courses and armed with my newfound knowledge am a proud online business owner.

You can do it on your own, sure. But it’s gonna cost you. You can either take the time to make the many mistakes bloggers make, fumbling around to find your way, or you can invest in yourself. Spending a few bucks to learn the craft of blogging was invaluable to me and I know it will be for you.

“Monique took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

Why Work With Me?

I’ve been through everything you’re going through right now. I’ve dreamt of making money as a blogger. I’ve been frustrated with the tech and the slow growth. I’ve compared myself to everyone around me wondering why it wasn’t happening for me.

Then, I invested in me. I did the work to believe in myself and know that I could become a successful blogger. I learned the tools, the tactics and the techniques that I’m about to teach you. I’m very detailed and will help you with all the tools available to me. And I’m always around to answer your questions and guide you through the most difficult tasks.

Things I’m Proud Of That WIll Help You

I’ve been around the block a few times and believe that my unique set of life experiences will make me the perfect blog coach for you.


  • Marketing Degree Holder
  • Billionaire Blog Club Member (Now DTC)
  • Trained in Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Mom of an Eight-Year-Old!


  • 6yrs Experience as Pro Digital Marketer
  • Worked with Brands such as Virgin Airlines and Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress
  • Blogging in several niches: health and wellness, hair and beauty, fashion, parenting and more


  • Featured in local newspaper for blogging successes
  • Known for skyrocketing blog views to 25k sessions in 60 days

Coaching Services For Bloggers and Influencers

Books & Courses

Get started with these resources that will help you to build your online business today.


Free Higher Self Journal

Complete Life Audit

Know where to focus your efforts, get help to find your purpose and passion in life and gain the mental clarity you need to become an online business owner. The Higher Self Journal is a complete life audit, uncovering your authentic self as you've never experienced before.



Life by Design

Life by Design Guidebook

What does it mean to design your life? Explore this concept of taking control over your life, creating a life that you desire doing more of what you love. This is a guide to uncovering your purpose in life. You will finally live a life filled with passion intentionally after taking action as guided by the instructions in this book. 




Learn Pinterest

Are you a blogger struggling to get more readers to your blog? My first ebook, Help a Blogger Out with Everything Pinterest teaches you how to get massive blog traffic for free from this platform. You'll learn how to structure your content to attract more readers and how to grow your blog organically using Pinterest.