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In 2007, I started my first blog and became a Jamaican influencer before that term was coined. Fast forward to today, I make money online in several ways and coach others on how to get started. Follow my life as a leisure ladder climber!

mexican foodcurry chicken


I eat out and I love to cook. I share my favorite restaurants, recipes and useful kitchen tools.

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From new wigs, to dating while travelling and apartment tours, you can find my daily life on my TikTok.



Remember when we were all posting outfit of the days? I still like that idea and share all my shopping finds.

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Travel is a big part of my brand as a Jamaican living in Mexico. I visit a new city or country each year.

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Leisure Ladder Climber

So what the hell is a leisure ladder climber? It’s someone (me) who does not aspire to climb the corporate ladder. I permitted myself to be free of society’s definition of success and redefined what that looks like for me.

After my corporate ladder descent, I decided to climb a different type of ladder, an LLC aka Leisure Ladder Climb. My life’s mission is indulging in all the things that bring me joy. Some are monetized, hence all these platforms I have, and some are for pure pleasure.

Do you want to enjoy more of your life?


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Monique Math

Work with me!

Want to work with me? You are either a brand wanting me to help you share your message online, a budding content creator who needs some help monetising your platforms, or you want to move to Mexico but you want to pick my brain on how to go about doing that. Send me an email or DM me on IG.

Where you can find me

jamaican beach

Jamaican Dawta

This is my Jamaican blog from a local’s perspective. Head here to help you plan your Jamaica trip!

blog coach

Blog Coaching

I’ve been a blog coach for 5+ years and share some of my knowledge on this blog. It’s not too late to start and monetise a blog!

smothered pork chops

Easy Clean Recipes

I love to cook and I’m on a mission to clean up my diet. These recipes are all made with clean, whole foods.

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